The product “Speedfloor” was originally conceived in New Zealand by Speedfloor Holdings Ltd who hold the Intellectual Property rights and patent rights to this product. It has been successfully used throughout New Zealand on every conceivable range of project. These range from residential buildings to 32,000m2 car parks to scientific laboratories, large scale retail and commercial projects and high rise prestige apartments. Speedfloor is also distributed throughout the USA as well as in Canada and has now hit the Australian building and construction industry in a very big way.

In early 2004, we secured the manufacturing rights to produce Speedfloor® here in Australia (Melbourne), purchasing a $2M roll-forming machine for installation in the newly constructed Cambelfield facility. Being able to locally manufacture Speedfloor® eliminates shipping of products from NZ, providing clients with an immediate response with no long lead times and reducing our prices substantially (up to 30%). These savings are passed on to our clients, making Speedfloor® one of the most economical concrete flooring systems on the market.


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